A spectacular 100km Trail Journey

A new 100km trail running race will be held in Shiga Kogen, one of Japan's leading national parks and a UNESCO eco-park.

Shiga Kogen, which is cool even in summer, is the perfect place for long races, and offers dynamic scenery that can only be seen here.

The course is easy to run and is designed for beginners, so you will be able to enjoy it in a way that suits your level.

Please enjoy the best ``extraordinary'' experience at Shiga Kogen this summer.

What is Shiga Kogen?


Shiga Kogen occupies the center of Joshinetsu Kogen National Park. It is a famous ski resort that hosted the Nagano Olympics (1998) in the winter. During the green season, Shiga Kogen is a treasure trove of nature, with beautiful alpine plants and beautiful lakes and wetlands that can be enjoyed in the vast plateau area. The Shiga Kogen, which has been certified as a UNESCO Eco Park, is an attractive area where nature and human society coexist.

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Race Features

  1. Easy-to-run course setting, recommended for beginners and those making their long race debut!!
  2. Shiga Kogen is a mountainous area with a high altitude that is very cool even in summer. The starting point is 1650m above sea level, and the highest point on the course is 2200m.
  3. In addition to the 100k course, we also offer 55km and 21km courses, so you can enjoy it according to your level.
  4. Each aid is handled by a training team from all over Japan, providing the best hospitality in each characteristic! !
  5. You can heal your fatigue by staying the night before and after the race at accommodations in Shiga Kogen.



Race Organizer 「Kitashinano Trail Freaks(KTF)」。
We are a group of trail runners who enjoy trail running in the Kita-Shinano area of Nagano Prefecture and organize races. We will do our best to let all the runners enjoy the great nature of Shiga Kogen.

KTF Introduction videoScenes from the Shiga Kogen Extreme Trail 2018 Tournament