Race Name SHIGA KOGEN 100
Date July 5th (Friday), 6th (Saturday), 7th (Sunday), 2024
(Friday: 100km registration) (Saturday: Race start) (Sunday: Award ceremony)
Venue Yamanouchi Town, Shimotakai District, Nagano Prefecture
Course 100km/CUMULATIVE ALTITUDE GAIN 5100m/cut off time 26hours
55km/CUMULATIVE ALTITUDE GAIN 2500m/cut off time 11hours
21km/CUMULATIVE ALTITUDE GAIN 940m/cut off time 6hours
ITRA point 100km/4point
Number of Racers 100km/700 runners、55km/400 runners、21km/200 runners
Entry Period March 20, 2024 (Wednesday) - June 3, 2024 (Monday)
Race qualification
Men and women over the age of 18.
Men and women over the age of 18.
Men and women of junior high school age and above.
Entry Fees
Prize:Top 6 male and female finishers Age Group:Top 3 in each gender :29 and under,40s,50s,60 and over
Prize:Top 6 male and female finishers
Prize:Top 6 male and female finishers
Participation Gifts Original T-shirt
WEB site http://www.nature-scene.net/shiga100/en/
Race Organaizer SHIGA KOGEN 100 Race Committee
Management NPO Kitashinano Trail Freaks、Nature Scene Co., Ltd., Kyoritsu Planning Co., Ltd.
Support Yamanouchi Town, Shiga Kogen Tourism Association
Sponsorship Columbia Montrail, Power Bar, zen nutrition, SMITH, NEW hale, Irohado, Sakurai Kanseido, Assac Foods, Marukome, Hokushin Farm, ERGSTAR, SATOH SPORTS


  1. Timed race format on a set course
  2. Cutt Off time will be set for the race, and athletes who exceed this time will stop the race.
  3. On all courses, please use stocks and poles in a respectful manner.
  4. If you wish to withdraw from the race, please be sure to notify an official on the course.
  5. Athletes who do not comply with the following will be disqualified.
    • Athletes who violate competition rules and do not follow instructions from officials
    • Players who did not wear bibs
    • Athletes who have committed acts that violate nature protection
    • Athletes who participated by lying about their race qualifications or engaged in misconduct.
  6. If you are late for registration or late for the start time, you will not be able to run.
  7. For safety reasons, wearing earphones during the race is prohibited.


<Mandatory Gear> ※Mandatory gears will be checked at the 100km registration desk and also on the race course. Any runner found to be lacking in Mandatory gears will be disqualified and not allowed to go further regardless of the reason.

  1. Mobile phone(with the number reported at the time of entry)
  2. Water and Food
  3. Light and spare batteries※100km
  4. Portable Cup
  5. Survival blanket
  6. Rain wear with hood(jacket,GORE-TEX or other waterproof/breathable material with seam-taped seams)
  7. Rain pants
  8. First aid kit(bandage,antiseptic,etc)
  9. Bibs and measurement chips distributed at registration

<Recommended Gear>

  1. Bear bell
  2. Gloves
  3. Winter clothes(It gets quite cold at night)
  4. Poison remover


Please refer to the materials below for information on the food provided at each aid station.※The following is for 2023. Details will be announced at a later date.

AID MENU(PDF) ※The following is for 2023.

  1. Water, barley tea, and citric acid drink are provided in the water tank.
  2. You can only refill your own hydration bottles with water, barley tea, and citric acid drink.
  3. There are no paper cups available at the aid station. Please bring your portable cup.


  1. Basically retirement on the course is only possible at aid stations.
  2. If you are forced to retire on the course if you decided to drop out from the race
  3. When you retire, your bib (with measurement chip) will be collected.
  4. Relief staff may notify those who appear to be unwell to drop out.


  1. This race is held within a national park. Please abide by the national park rules and never do anything that damages the vegetation on the course; also please be careful not to damage trails or boardwalks.
  2. During the race, please be sure to say hello to hikers when passing each other so as not to frighten them. When passing someone from behind, be sure to call out to them and slow down before passing.
  3. Due to unforeseen circumstances such as natural disasters, earthquakes, bad weather, epidemics, incidents, etc., the course may be changed or shortened, or the race may be canceled at the discretion of the organizer.
  4. If the course is changed, shortened, or canceled due to unforeseeable reasons, the entry fees will not be refunded.
  5. The organizer will only provide first aid in the event of injury, illness, loss, or other accidents at the race venue or during the race, but will not be responsible for anything else.
    ※If you are unable to move due to an injury during the race, please contact the race headquarters (phone number listed on your bib).
  6. The rights to publish photos, videos, records, articles, etc. during the tournament in newspapers, magazines, television, the Internet, etc. belong to the organizer.
  7. Luggage will be left at a designated location before each race. Please manage your own valuables and fragile items. The organizer is not responsible for lost items.
  8. Please be sure to take your trash home with you.
  9. Please be sure to return the timing chip as it will be collected after the finish line or when you decided to drop out from the race.
  10. The organizer will comply with the personal information protection laws and regulations and handle participants' personal information with utmost care.